Lecture Room
17:30 – 19:00h
S6 - Cellular Biophysics
High fibrinogen levels promote erythrocyte-erythrocyte adhesion: a cardiovascular risk factor in heart failure and arterial hypertension patients
Santos, Nuno
17:30h - 17:55h
Synaptic and extra-synaptic functions of a vesicle associated co-chaperone
Fernandez-Chacon, Rafael
17:55h - 18:20h
Effective reconstitution of HIV-1 gp41 transmembrane-domain derived peptides displaying the neutralizing MPER epitope on the surface of lipid bilayers
Torralba, Johana
18:20h - 18:30h
Measuring lipid membrane properties using a mechanosensitive fluorescence probe
Colom Diego, Adai
18:30h - 18:40h
Real time measurements of Exo and Endocytosis in SMA mouse model expressing SypHy
Cano, Raquel
18:40h - 18:50h