15:30 – 17:00h
S5 - Supramolecular Complexes
Structural Insights on Regulation of Lytic Machineries in the Pneumococcal Divisome
Hermoso Dominguez, Juan Antonio
15:30h - 15:55h
Architecture of heteromeric AMPA-type glutamate receptors
Herguedas Frances, Beatriz
15:55h - 16:20h
Homologous Histone Chaperones Human SET/TAF-Iβ and Plant NRP1: Similarly Inhibited by Cytochrome c in Cell Nucleus
González-Arzola, Katiuska
16:20h - 16:30h
Mechano-chemical characterization of dynamin-mediated membrane fission
Bocanegra, Rebeca
16:30h - 16:40h
Structure-function studies with Δ1-pyrrolin-5-carboxylate synthetase (P5CS), a key bifunctional player in amino acid biosynthesis, inborn disease and stress resistance.
Marco Marín, Clara
16:40h - 16:50h