Lecture Room
11:00 – 12:30h
S4 - Receptors, Channels and Transporters
Computational approaches to the study of the TRPV1 channel activation and modulation
Domene, Carmen
11:00h - 11:25h
A modular model of presynaptic function
Wesseling, John
11:25h - 11:50h
Analysing TRP channels using state-of-the-art artificial bilayer methodology
Weichbrodt, Conrad
11:50h - 12:00h
Structure of the homodimeric androgen receptor ligand-binding domain
Estébanez-Perpiñá, Eva
12:00h - 12:10h
Calcium Signal Transduction in the Calmodulin/Kv7.1 Channel Complex
Nuñez, Eider
12:10h - 12:20h