17:30 – 19:00h
S5 - Supramolecular Complexes
Herpesvirus DNA packaging machinery
Coll Capella, Miquel
17:30h - 17:55h
Uncovering the Flexible Architecture of a Complex Macromolecular Machine in DNA Repair at 4-5 Å Using Cryo-EM
Llorca, Oscar
17:55h - 18:20h
Structural studies of the CCT-gelsolin complex
Bueno, María Teresa
18:20h - 18:30h
Architecture of the yeast Elongator complex
Dauden, Maria I.
18:30h - 18:40h
Structural basis of RNA polymerase I activation
Fernandez-Tornero, Carlos
18:40h - 18:50h