09:00 – 10:30h
S3 - Protein Folding, Misfolding and Stability
Rational thermostabilization of a three-state protein and testing of the role of a native basin intermediate
Sancho, Javier
09:00h - 09:25h
Molecular Mechanisms for Cellular Protein Quality Control
Isaacson, Rivka
09:25h - 09:50h
Reliable structural and energetic model of the "unfolded state" of proteins
Galano-Frutos, Juan José
09:50h - 10:00h
Putative Role of Hypercooperative Hydrogen Bonds in Stabilizing an Amyloid-Like Pathological Conformation of TDP-43, a Protein Linked to Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Laurents, Douglas
10:00h - 10:10h
Remodeling of RepE conformation by the molecular chaperones DnaK and DnaJ
Moro, Fernando
10:10h - 10:20h