Lecture Room
19:30 – 20:30h
S2- Membrane Structure and Function
Phospholipid-Membrane Protein Selectivity: AFM-FS and Fret Studies
Borrell-Hernández, Jordi
19:30h - 19:55h
Systematic lipidomics to uncover new membrane lipid functions
Jiménez Rojo, Noemi
19:55h - 20:05h
Photoacoustic effect applied on cell membranes: Direct observation by multi-photon laser confocal microscopy
Galisteo González, Francisco
20:05h - 20:15h
High-resolution studies of protein-lipid interactions using fluorinated lipids and biomolecular 19F NMR
Diercks, Tammo
20:15h - 20:25h